JOSPHERE始于伦敦,概念店设于上海法租界武康路,是由资深时尚人士Josephine C.H.Liu创立的专精于时尚珠宝与艺术配饰的品牌。

JOSPHERE 成立以来广受亚洲许多时尚名媛与明星的喜爱与追捧,如艺人孟广美、香港名模陈嘉容、台湾名模林嘉绮以及许多知名时尚圈人士,许多时尚杂志和时尚客都曾经推荐及介绍JOSPHERE。




JOSPHERE is a fashion jewelry and accessories brand founded by Josephine C.H.Liu. “Abstract, unrestrained style and elegance” are the core of JOSPHERE’s unique brand, spirit and styling. Stylish and elegant personalized accessories inspiration often come from cultural and artistic from different countries.

Since the founding of JOSPHERE, Asian fashion celebrities and stars seen in JOSPHERE have included actress Jessey Meng,Hong Kong supermodel Eunis Chan and Taiwan supermodel Patina Lin . JOSPHERE is often recommended by fashion magazines and bloggers .

Meanwhile JOSPHERE has been working with some of Asia‟s leading charity foundations including the Women’s Round Table Trust,Soong Ching Ling Foundation – Pearl S. Buck Charity Fund,Children’s charity QeeBoo Rabbit design and Melbourne cup charity event.

JOSPHERE currently has sales locations in Shanghai.,Taipei and Singapore.

品牌创始人刘季涵 Josphere Fouder Josephine C.H.Liu