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JOSPHERE developed T27 FLOW ski helmet for the Asian head form and with an integrated visor for the Asian face form. The design of

the visor is both practical and stylish. In addition to the classic black and white, the most on-trend Chinese color Morandi Blue is also

exclusively launched. The optical visor provides skiers and snowboarders with a wide field of vision with zero dead ends and maintains

the best visibility in any light climate while offering UV protection. The anti-fogging system and the cozy nose pad design that fits Asian

faces are all part of JOSPHERE’s ergonomic technology.



– Fit system

– Active ventilation

– UV Protection optical visor

– Aisa Fit-Cozy nose pad design

– Bluetooth headset

– The FIDLOCK  magnetic buckle

– Fleece warm earmuffs

– Breathable fabric

– Removable interiors



SIZE: M(54~58cm) L(58~61cm)

WEIGHT: 500g

MATERIAL: In-Mould EPS inner shell and PC shell

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Weight N/A
顏色 莫蘭迪藍
尺寸 M(54~58cm), L(58~61cm)
材質 In-Mould一體成型EPS, PC外殼