Payment description:

Following credit card payments are available:




*Credit card swiping uses the phone/computer memory to automatically enter the card number reminder:

When using an online credit card for checkout, because different websites have different interfaces when automatically entering the card number, there may be some differences in the format. Therefore, if the format is not correct when using the automatic card number entry,

It may cause format errors to cause credit card transactions to fail. It is recommended that when you submit the automatic input card number, check whether the automatic input card number format is correct. If you find that the input card number format is incorrect, please

“Manually re-enter the credit card number”, so as to avoid automatically entering the card number format and filling in the wrong situation will cause the problem of credit card failure.

*If you fail to swipe your card due to an error, you can use the following 2 methods to quickly continue to purchase the last purchased product.

Method 1. On the payment failure page, select the “Buy Again” fast button below to continue purchasing the last purchased product.

Method 2. Go to the order query page to continue to complete the order

*If you still encounter problems with payment and order, please leave a message to JOSPHERE in the customer service mailbox.